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Our Church Foundation

In our Church school with a Church foundation, Religious Education and Collective Worship have a high status and footing alongside other Curriculum areas.

Our R.E. Leader is Clare Worsfold and Collective Worship Leader is Mrs Alice Tubbs. We are proud to be a Church of England School with strong links to our local church and Diocese, basing our daily endeavours on our beliefs and Christian values.

Collective Worship

We value the daily opportunity to join together as children and staff to share together in prayer, praise and reflection. Whilst it is a statutory duty for schools to provide a daily act of worship, we do not do so merely because we have to. These times are led by staff, children and at times by visitors from local churches and attended by children and adults.

We work closely with Reverend Leslie Player our Rector at our local churches.

We continue to learn from the ‘Open the Book’ team of parishioners who tell Bible Stories through drama, which the children greatly enjoy and benefit from.

The week follows a pattern which includes a class as well as whole school worship. Each Thursday at KS2 & Friday at KS1 we have a Well Done Worship when we celebrate achievement both in and out of school, and reinforce the message that our best efforts give glory to God. Stickers and certificates reward learning progress, good learning dispositions and demonstrating care and respect for others.

We want our children to learn and experience what it means to worship. We acknowledge that each one of us, whether child or adult, is travelling our own spiritual journey. We offer the opportunity to find a point of peace and quiet in the day where we can explore ideas, and learn from the examples of Christian teachings and aspects of other faiths and cultures how we can best live our lives. We use a variety of stories, images, music, poetry, songs and drama to convey meanings and messages. We know that all individuals are equally important and valued in God’s sight. Our worship is inclusive and delivered so everyone present feels included, whilst respecting the integrity of the different families and backgrounds we serve. The themes we cover supplement RE teaching and include our Values, the Scriptures and the Church Year.

We are proud to be a school with a distinctive church ethos. We seek to work with our Churches to serve our community, to cherish and nurture everyone in our School and Church families, and to forge links.

We seek to be an inclusive community however we respect the right of parents to withdraw their children from Collective Worship and Religious Education. This school expects that withdrawal will only be made following parental discussion with the Headteacher followed by written confirmation of withdrawal.

The school will provide a system of suitable supervision for children withdrawn from Acts of Collective Worship and Religious Education. However, no additional work will be set or followed in this time