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Mrs Alice Tubbs

Headteacher & Collective Worship Leader

Hannah Mace

Mrs Hannah Mace

Reception Class Teacher, Design & Technology Subject Leader

It is a privilege to see the start and growth of children’s learning journey through their early primary years and I am particularly passionate about play and exploration. I have a special interest in the creative arts and through my role as art, design and technology subject lead, love to see this developed in the curriculum across the school.

Mrs Vanessa Sherwood

Reception Class Teacher, Art & Design Subject Leader

Miss Emily Grindey

Year 1 Class Teacher

Sam Kirkcaldy

Mrs Samantha Kirkcaldy

Year 2 Class Teacher, PSHE & English Reading Subject Leader

I am passionate about fostering children’s enthusiasm for learning. Watching my own children develop and learn has driven me to want to become a teacher. Next to being a mum, my most favourite thing is being a teacher.
Emily Savage

Miss Emily Savage

Year 4 Class Teacher, PE & History Subject Leader

I value spending time getting to know children and seeing the progress they make in the short time I have with them. I have always loved to learn and after my history degree, I was inspired to become a teacher and to create that enthusiasm for life long learning.
James Gilbert

Mr James Gilbert

Year 3 Class Teacher, Computing Subject Leader

As the year 4 teacher I enjoy supporting the children’s social and emotional development as they mature and transition to the upper primary years. I also have the privilege of leading computing and am working hard to ensure we are able to prepare children for a world where technology has become an important tool.

Mrs Fiona Collier

Year 5 Class Teacher, English Writing Subject Leader

Teaching is a lifelong passion for me and the excitement of starting each year with a new class has never left me. I enjoy teaching all subjects but my love of reading threads through all my teaching. It is the one thing that I would love all my pupils to have a passion for too!
Jackie Miller

Mrs Jackie Miller

Year 6 Class Teacher, Deputy Headteacher, Science & Mathematics Subject Leader

My love for mathematics has never left me over the 25 years of teaching in many different schools. I enjoy the challenges being a Maths Lead brings and the chances I have to support children, staff and parents in the growth of their mathematical understanding. I enjoy teaching year 6, especially helping them develop the tools they need to be successful in the next part of their learning journey.
Clare Worsfold

Mrs Clare Worsfold

SENCO, Music & RE Subject Leader

I started my career in Salisbury, before moving to Surrey to lead music in a large primary school. Following my move back to the South Coast with my husband, I joined Western Downland to work part time after having my sons. I enjoy working with the children, getting them ready for their transition to Rockbourne. I encourage them to become independent in their learning and like watching their confidence grow.

Mrs Soizic Donald

French teacher

My aim is to show the children that language learning not only can be fun but it also increases critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of mind. I like to encourage a positive attitude to learning a foreign language and prepare the children to approach their secondary school language lessons with enthusiasm.
Jennifer Trewin

Mrs Jenny Trewin

Forest School Leader & Nursery Assistant

Mr Kevin Perry

Site Assistant

Mrs Kate Curry

Year 1 Learning Support Assistant

Lucy Nicholls

Mrs Lucy Nicholls

Year 6 Learning Support Assistant

My daughters came to this school in 2004 & 2005 and I was involved from the start, as a parent helper and an active member of the Friends until I began working as an LSA at the Junior site in 2010. I have had over 20 years’ experience teaching infant and junior children in schools in this country and abroad. I work in Year 6 to support the children and class teacher. I have a particular interest in encouraging children to enjoy and become more confident and independent in maths.
Rebecca Rudgyard

Mrs Rebecca Rudgyard

Year 5 Learning Support Assistant

Denise Bostock

Miss Denise Bostock

Learning Support Assistant (currently on maternity leave)

Miss Libby Thorne

Year 3 & 5 Learning Support Assistant

Kathy-Anne Vicent

Mrs Kathy-Anne Vincent

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Gemma Strowbridge

Year 1 Learning Support Assistant

Louise Lambert

Mrs Louise Lambert

Senior Admin & Finance Officer

Wendy Bullen

Mrs Wendy Bullen

Admin Assistant

Mrs Louise Saunders

Nursery Manager

Mrs Corinna Smith

Nursery Assistant

Mrs Lindsey Fish

Year 6 Class Teacher, Geography Subject Leader

Christian Church School

Mrs Jemma Rea

Learning Support Assistant, Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Mrs Yuliya Koval

Year R Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Harriet Olive

Year 2 Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Leah Langford

Year 4 Learning Support Assistant