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 Should your child be unwell, we ask parents/carers to contact the school office before 9:00am on the each day of absence. To ensure the child’s well-being,  the school operates a first day contact policy whereby the school will contact home before 9.30am if a child’s reason for absence is unknown.

Apart from illness, dental or medical appointments, or compassionate/exceptional circumstances, absences are not authorised as we know this has a negative impact on children’s learning and progress. Any request for absence for exceptional circumstances needs to be made in writing to the Headteacher.

Attendance is monitored regularly with outside agencies and by Governors.

Emergency school closure

The school may have to close at unexpected times for example due to adverse weather conditions or if essential services are cut off.  The school aims to give parents as much notice as possible through our School Website and local radio stations. If parents are in doubt over a school closure day and cannot contact the school, they should call Hampshire County Council Tel 01962 841841 or check the HCC or our own school website.

Home contact details

Each September the school will re-issue your contact details for checking and return.  In the interest of safety it is very important that we hold current telephone numbers and addresses of at least two contacts for each child.