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Our Church School Roots

Western Downland Church of England (Aided) Primary School highly values its Christian foundation and its close links within the Western Downland parishes and the Diocese of Salisbury.

The Christian understanding which informs and underpins our shared values and activities at Western Downland begins from two simple principles, “The Roots to Grow and the Wings to Fly”.

The Roots to Grow: We begin with a conviction that there is a starting point and foundation for all that nurtures and nourishes a fulfilling life. We seek to provide a secure, nourishing environment which feeds people’s sense of worth, informs their appreciation of the world around them and fires their imagination.

The Wings to Fly: We believe in providing the opportunity for each person in our School to thrive, fulfil their potential and even to reach beyond what is-as yet-possible. We seek to develop people’s confidence and self-belief. We look to equip them with skills and encourage a resilience that enables them to successfully meet challenges, solve problems and overcome setbacks.  We help them to foster their understanding of being part of a community, in which we can gain as well as give, through the skills and insights of others. We will introduce them to new experiences and insights which will enrich their self-understanding, and enable them to move forward with a growing sense of who they are and their place in the world.

As a Church of England primary school our Christian values underpin the way in which we treat each other- evident in the mutual respect and caring ethos seen as you walk around our school.

Please see here for our latest SIAMS report.

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