Acorn Class

Routes to Roots Spring 1 2020
Routes to Roots Spring 2 2020
Routes to Roots Summer 1 2021
Routes to Roots summer 2 2019
Routes to Roots Autumn 1 2020
Routes to Roots Autumn 2 2020
Curriculum Overview

Working with the children in Acorn Class offering support and reassurance is Mrs Hannah Mace, Mrs Vanessa Sherwood and Mrs Kathy-Anne Vincent.

Acorn Class is the first step in your child’s journey at our school. In our class the children learn through play and real life experiences. They develop basic skills for reading and writing through phonics sessions and build the foundations for all other areas of learning through; story telling, games, role play activities, experiential learning and off site visits.

We work closely with the children to help them settle in school life, learning the rules and routines of the the school day. As the children progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage we support them in developing key skills and independence to ensure a smooth transition to Key Stage One.